Friday, July 1, 2011

family videos


What´s this?
- It`s a car

What´s this?
- They´re a knives

What´s this?
- it´s a proton accelerator

What´s this?
- it´s a airplane

What are you doing

She´s eating ice cream 

he´s playing video game´s

They´re watching TV

Homer is driving

latest technology

this is a blackberry, its a very light smartphome

this a toshiba laptop, medium heavy, but very efficient in my work, its modern

 MP5 Player
very lightweight and portable multimedia system
Playstation 3 Sony
Video games console
heavy duty, have a bluray system, play video in HD 1080, and 720.

it´s very expensive but have a lot of fun

father poem

Teach them to fly,
but not fly your flight.

Teach them to dream,
but will not dream your dream.

Teach them to live
but not live your life.

However ...
on each flight
in every life,
in every dream,
footprint will last forever
the way taught.

my bedroom

a.- a mirror
b.- a windows
c.- a Lamp
d.- a Pictures
e.- a Plant
f.- a clothes
g.- a bed
h.- a nightstand
i.- a carpet